The Rowan Tree Counselling

The Rowan Tree is known as the Tree of Life and symbolises courage, wisdom and protection. The tree was sometimes called the Wayfarer's Tree because it was believed to prevent those on a journey from getting lost and was also thought to protect a house from evil spirits.

Welcome from Jane at The Rowan Tree Counselling

Sometimes it can feel like there’s no-one to turn to, no-one you can talk to about your difficult or confusing feelings and emotions.

Perhaps you have become socially isolated due to COVID, maybe you don’t want to burden family or friends, or you're afraid people won’t take you seriously or think badly of you?

I can offer a safe, accepting, confidential space where you can explore and discuss your concerns without being judged or told what to do.

Here you will be truly accepted for who you are; you can start to believe in yourself again and begin to work out how to move on with your life.

Counselling during the COVID - 19 pandemic

Since the start of restrictions and distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been offering telephone and online counselling only.

This has the advantage that it gives you the opportunity to access safe counselling support at a time and in a place that is convenient to you.